Terms & Conditions


We offer several methods of payment to make life easier!

We do not accept cheques or money orders.

Pick Up Info: I do not have a shop front. I’m a home based business and I trade entirely online via the website.

Pick-ups are welcome by appointment, however orders must be placed ONLINE and PAID in full at the time of ordering.

SOAPS: There is a 4 week wait for all soaps, so this means once you place the order, you won't receive your order for 4 weeks.

BATH BOMBS: These take up to 1-2 weeks to be made, so these will be posted once made.

ALL OTHER ITEMS:  These take up to 1-2 weeks to be made, so these will be posted once made.

You’ll be sent a message to let you know your order is ready for pick up, then we can organize a time for you to come by.

Shipping during hot weather: During warmer months I am very careful about shipping. If the weather here is forecast to be extremely hot I will hold off shipping until it cools down again, normally on a Monday.

Refunds and Returns:

I do not offer refunds as I only make to order, so its best to choose carefully before purchasing. I dont accept returned items just because you have changed your mind or postage has taken too long to deliver your order. 

If you find your candle does have a chip/crack etc please make contact within 5 days and let me know. You will need to supply images of the damage so I can replace it.

Once your order leaves my hands and into the delivery hands, its not my responsibility if your parcel gets lost in transit. You must take it up with the courier with the tracking details you received via email.

Once your order is ready for pickup, you will receive an email saying its ready for pickup. If your order is NOT picked up after 4 weeks of that email, then your order will be resold and you will not be refunded. I've had orders sitting at my house for up to 24 mths and I cannot store orders anymore as they are taking up room. It's your responsibility to pick it up within 4 weeks.

If your parcel hasn't arrived within 2 weeks after I have posted it, please contact me ASAP to let me know so I can check with the parcel company. I won't be held responsible for lost parcels as I don't work for the parcel company. The parcel company only give me up to 4 weeks to claim for it so any more time after and I'm unable to do anything about it.

Candle Care & Safety:

  • Safety first.
  • Never leave a candle burning unattended.
  • Never leave candles burning around pets or kids.
  • Don’t place candles on combustible surfaces.
  • Burn candles in a draft free area away from anything that could fall into the candle.
  • Use a wick dipper if you have one to extinguish your candle. Gently push the wick down into the melt pool and straighten it up afterwards. This helps stop smoking after extinguishing the flame. It also helps protect your wick.
  • If your wick looks messy don’t be afraid to trim it to about .5 cm. It’s not uncommon to have a mushroom type thing on the end. If it does just trim it.
  • Don’t place your candle in direct sunlight, it makes them discolor. It won’t affect your burn but it may make your candle look ugly.

White frosting, blemishes, uneven top, parts that look wet or perhaps not quite stuck to the side of the glass are nothing to worry about. Your candle is a one of a kind and these are characteristics of soy candles and can be caused by melt temperatures, pouring temperatures and even the temperature of the glass. None of these things will affect your burn but they are all part of soy candle characteristics. Many people try to eliminate it but I don’t.

Fundraising, Raffles, etc:

At Wicks n Lotions we are regularly approached by people seeking donations for raffles, prizes, fundraisers and so on. Sadly we are not in a position to help you as we are only a small business.

We hope you understand why we do not donate to other causes. It’s just not possible to hand over goods to everyone who asks. Financially many small businesses just can’t do this. 

Product Samples: We do not supply product samples free of charge.


Wholesale Prices are available on our website. Minimum order quantities do not apply, but I do require your business name. Not all items created by Wicks n Lotions are available at wholesale prices.

Private Labelling:  I do make labels for your business but you need to purchase them separately otherwise you will be provided with ingredient lists where required and these must be included on your labeling along with any applicable warnings.