Vanilla Creme Cocoa Butter Hard Conditioner Bar

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Velvety French vanilla creme and luscious rich cocoa butter combine to create one of our most full bodied vanilla fragrances.
1. Great for hair and scalp. They cleanse without stripping away all our natural oils. Some people with dandruff find the problem goes away when they switch to natural shampoo bars.
2. Conditioning. Bars made for dryer hair contain more free oils, and those made for oilier hair contain less. All shampoo bars are formulated to leave hair soft but not greasy or weighed down. Many people don’t need a separate conditioner when using shampoo bars.
3. Great lather. Cleansing and conditioning coconut and castor oils give shampoo bars a luxurious thick lather.  
Great for beards. Men love using natural shampoo bars to keep their beards soft and clean!
4. Environmentally friendly. Shampoo bars don’t need packaging! There are no plastic bottles to clutter your shower and our overburdened environment. Shampoo bars are free from synthetic chemicals, so they’re healthier for humans and the environment.
5. Cost-effective. Commercial shampoos are up to 80% water. With shampoo bars, you get the concentrated cleanser, and you add the water!
6. Travel-friendly and environmentally friendly.
After switching to a natural shampoo bar, my customers have said:
- More shine
- Increased volume
- Less frizz
- Less shedding
- More defined curls
- Increased manageability
- Retained color longer
- A decrease in dandruff and scalp irritation
- Great for maintaining mens beards