Stress Relieving Magnesium Foot Soak

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Now that its school holidays and you are worn out all the time, it’s easy to go a whole day without taking any time out just to recharge and relax.
While slipping away for an hour-long soak in the tub may not be practical some days, how about a quick stress relieving foot soak?
A foot soak takes just minutes to set up and enjoy, and can be used anywhere in the house. You can slip in a foot bath while working at the computer, watching TV, or even hanging out in the living room while the kids are running around or waiting for them to sleep aye night.
Doesn’t it sound good? Here are some of the key herbs in my stress relieving foot soak (and why they’re used):
LAVENDER – This nervine (a fancy way to say it calms the nerves) helps support the nervous system. Its anti-inflammatory properties soothe achy, painful, or swollen feet.
CHAMOMILE – Another relaxing nervine that’s useful for restlessness and irritability. It has anti-inflammatory properties, helps calm muscle spasms, and is a mild pain reliever.
ROSEMARY – This herb is a member of the mint family and has some of the same refreshing qualities. It helps to tone and open veins, stimulate circulation, and calm nerves. It’s also a warming herb as well and the concentrated essential oil is especially good at relieving stiffness and soreness in overworked muscles.
Once you try my foot soaks you will wish you had tried them earlier :)