Spiritual Bath Cleansing Potion

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Included in this Cleansing Potion is a mixture of Lavender, Sage, Himalayan Rock Salts, Magic Herbs and 2 pieces of Amethyst which all comes in a purple draw string bag.
Instructions: (Please read ALL instructions first) This potion is for removing negativity out of your body. For people who are carrying a spirit.
Fill a bucket or large container with clean warm water and pour half the potion mix into the bucket as well as the Amethysts and swirl it around with a wooden stick. Place your clean feet in the container for 15 minutes.
Rinse your feet under under clean warm water. 
Take a photo of your water before and after use. If you are carrying a spirit you will notice the water has changed colour.
Take out your Amethyst and place into a bowl of dry rice for 24 hours to cleanse it. 
Dispose of the dirty water outside on the ground so it places the negative energy back into the universe. (Do not pour into a sink inside).
This works well before going to bed as it helps you relax and have a good nights sleep.