Relax & Unwind Bath Salts

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If you are feeling weary and washed-out, why not indulge your senses in a nice warm Himalayan salt bath just before bedtime? This is a truly therapeutic and rejuvenating experience for your body, mind and soul.
The GOOD NEWS is that you can achieve such detox, healing and relaxation effect in the comforts of your own home – simple, safe and affordable.
Moreover, the Himalayan pink salt is said to be the purest form of natural salt on Earth today. It is mined from ancient oceans deep in the geologic veins of the Himalayan Mountains, which has been protected from human pollutions.
It contains 84 nourishing trace elements and minerals that cannot be found in regular processed table salt.
Having regular Himalayan salt baths can easily boost your immunity, regulate your pH balance, fight off infections such as viral and bacterial assaults on the skin and body.
Ingredients: Himalayan Salts, Epsom Salts, Fragrance, Vitamin E.