Organic Dehydrated Orange Slices 50g

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Organic Dried Orange Halves. 50 gram bag

Irregular shapes and sizes as pictured.

Suitable for cocktails, teas, soaps...

Cleansing, Creativity, purification, truth , prosperity, energy , passion , uplifting to ones mood .

Perfect to use as a nice cleansing bath with other herbs , having orange peels in bath lifts ones spirits and radiates positivity , and helps recharge the spirit .

Burn with other herbs for a fresh fragrant aroma to purify your space , cleanse and clear the aura energy fields which provides higher vibration levels.

Spell work : divination, love spells, money , good luck , creativity, fertility, success , prosperity .

Add to love sachets to attract a new love and also friends .

Use in bath for cleansing and purification to wind down from a long day .

Spell work : love , longevity, beauty, self love , spirituality, clarity , sun magick , moon magick.