Natural Clothing Stain Remover Bars

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These are so amazing at cleaning all sorts of stains.
The reduced percentage of excess fat and the inclusion of orange and lemon essential oils give this soap serious grease/stain cutting ability.
It’s a very pure, very hard bar for laundry use.
It is great for getting tough stains out of clothing, upholstery and carpet. (grease, grass, red wine, blood, under-arm stains, tomato sauces, berry juices, ink and much, much more!).
The soap is less moisturizing and caring than my other soaps. The soap is meant to clean dirty laundry but is soft enough for the skin.
Wet the stick and the stained item with cold water and rub the stick over the stain.
Rub the fabric together to work in the soap. Then wash your clothes as you normally do.100% vegan & friendly to the environment.
Pack of 2