Dandelion & Chamomile Artisan Vegan Soap

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Dandelion & Chamomile Artisan Vegan Soap
"Day Dream"
Dandelion is often included in skincare for its skin refining, soothing benefits.
It also contains magnesium and zinc which helps with skin conditions, and anti-inflammatory properties to help calm irritation, making it great for soothing acne-prone skin.
Chamomile has traditionally been used for its calming effect in teas. It is also used topically on scars and wounds as an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory herb that is high in antioxidants.
Ingredients: Olive Oil, NaOH, Rice Bran, Jojoba & Coconut, Scented Oil, White Kaolin Clay, Dandelion Powder, Chamomile Powder.