Coconut Body Sugar Scrub

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A warm, gentle scent, reminiscent of a day spa or an island getaway, Coconut Bliss has top notes of pineapple, peach and lemon rounded out by a soft mimosa and balsam combination at its core.
Ingredients: Organic Sugar, Coconut Oil,
Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil, Fragrance, Coloring.
Use: Apply a small amount to wet skin & rub in a circular motion. Leave for a couple of minutes then wash off with warm water.
Sugar scrubs brighten tired, dull-looking skin to promote healthy, smooth, and flawless skin. Sugar scrubs also fight skin aging in a natural way. Another benefit of a sugar scrub is that it can be used all over the body, not just the face. Just like the face, the body needs exfoliation, too!