Starsign 200ml Soy Candle

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AQUARIUS: A sweet floral aroma with base notes of fresh fruit and vanilla.
ARIES: A sweet flowering vine with one of the most loved floral scents.
CAPRICORN: A rich traditional blend, just like walking through a garden of fresh carnation. Green floral with a citrus top note and fresh ozonic accords with a spicy carnation and rose body resting on a base of soft woods and musk.
GEMINI: Lily of the Valley has broad leaves with flower stems covered in elegant white bells. A beautiful and fragrant cut flower add this to other floral fragrances to give them a heady top note.
LEO: A crisp floral fragrance that is enveloped by both notes of heady jasmine and subtle magnolia with additional unexpected notes of melon, cucumber & white peach.
LIBRA: Floral and sweet with a base of purple violet and tuberose rounded out beautifully with jasmine, clove and patchouli.
VIRGO:  Notes of shortbread topped with whip cream and large ripe strawberries make this fragrance all too tempting and delicious.
TAURUS: Like stepping into a field of flowers with a bouquet of cyclamen, rosewood and geranium on a base of cedarwood, musk and amber.
SCORPIO: The exquisite aroma of tropical Gardenia with a top note sweet and green and a floral body intense and rich truly capturing the natural aroma found in this beautiful flower.
SAGITTARIUS: Hydrangea flowers have a fragrance that carries a subtle and sweet aroma with a hint of spice that may remind you these island's many hills and valleys.
PISCES: A sophisticated green floral blend of tea leaf, star jasmine, purple violet with peony and the oriental floral note of osthmanthus.