Amethyst Crystal Point

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Amethyst Clusters make powerful visualization assistants and help to manifest these visualizations into 3D reality! Amethyst Clusters throw out their beautiful healing energy all around your home. They are great tools to be placed in the center of group meditations. Amethyst Clusters also make for excellent cleansing and charging stations for other crystals. When placed beside one’s head, they are very good for drawing out EMF style radiation that generally gets stored in that part of the human body. Amethyst likes to be cleansed in water/saltwater and earth.
Amethyst Clusters work particularly well with Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, Smoky Quartz, and Citrine Quartz.
Amethyst Clusters are fantastic all round helpers and peace keepers. They are pretty much an essential component of any healing kit. It is best to keep AmethystClusters out of extended direct sunlight as some varieties have been know known to fade over time.