Amethyst Crystal Chips in Jar

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In many ancient texts, Amethyst is regarded as a stone that when worn, allows the user to avoid intoxication. However, there is speculation that the reason this myth came about was due to a misidentification. Some believe that the Amethyst was actually Red Garnet. When this "Amethyst" was used as a serving glass, the clear water that was poured into it would turn red like wine (due to the reddish runoff). This liquid would create an illusion to others as though the consumer was drinking wine yet could avoid intoxication.

Amethyst is a multidimensional stone that offers a range of energetic uses. Its protective bubble helps one maintain mental clarity and physical energy. We recommend starting your meditations with gratitude while offering yourself up to the purple rays from this remarkable stone. Begin channeling your own energy with that of Amethyst's and remind your auric field to accept the love around you. As you work with this stone, one will feel a sense of warmth and gratitude surrounding them. This is due to them knowing that they are finally in a safe place where they can feel once again.