White Raw Quartz

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Quartz, in general, is a beneficial and practical gemstone because of the full range of uses it can serve once processed. The usefulness of this gem is linked to its chemical properties and physical properties of this gem.

The white quartz is associated with the tenth anniversary and is linked with the crown chakra as well.t is an affordable alternative to Diamond, the birthstone of April.

And it applies to all the zodiac signs. It is aligned with the Sun and is also representative of the four elements from air to fire. White quartz produces vibrational energy at frequency band number four, which means it is an excellent choice for warding off negative energies and even the evil eye.

White Quartz has long been used in different traditions for transmuting energy with lots of benefits. Energy transmutation is the process of securing a physical space from negative energies. This is done through various spiritual devices and rituals, including orgonite generators.