Herbal Bath Tea Bags

Herbal Baths

Do you add herbs to your baths?

We all know how relaxing a bath can be, but when you add the essence of calming herbs to the mix, it can take your relaxation to a whole new level!

What is herbal bathing?

Herbal bathing is relaxing, enjoyable, and a valuable self-care tool. Taking time to luxuriate in the bath is a well-known stress-buster. Warm water, making time to just be, and herbs: what a potent combination!

Immersing my entire body into an herbal bath is one of my favorite ways to use herbs therapeutically. My skin absorbs the herbal constituents. I inhale the aromatherapy benefits of the herbs through the steam, while I lie in my bathtub and daydream. I can’t imagine my life without it.

Sometimes I just have a hard time shutting it all down at the end of the day. Can you relate?

My mind just goes and goes and won’t stop and the next thing I know it is almost bedtime! I need my sleep if I am going to keep on track the following day.

I try to notice when I am having one of those non-stop stress days and give myself some time in the bathtub before heading to bed.

Using fabric bathtub tea bags is the easiest and most convenient way to get some healing herbs into your bathtub.

I designed my own infused bath tea bags with the best herbs and botanicals. Grabbing a bathtub tea bag is part of setting up for the bath around our house. The whole family can use these bath teabags as I have a different range of teabags to choose from.

You really get the feeling you are being steeped in a big bath full of herbal tea.

There’s also a kid friendly safety factor of herbal bath teas. You can leave the bathroom and don’t have to worry that there might accidentally be a whole bottle of essential oil poured into the bathtub!

The tub tea bags are also good for exfoliation. One of my little tricks: once I am soaking in the aromatic bath water, I rub my skin with the wet tub tea bag. You can just take the wet tub tea bag filled with the herbs and rub your skin with it.

Getting the herbs next to your skin this way is just so good. Not only are you steeping your body in the herbal tea, but now the herbs are touching your skin through the pouch.

It has a gentle exfoliating action that stimulates circulation, gets your blood moving, and with rubbing the herbs onto the skin, you now have two ways that the herbal constituents are entering your body. 

Herbal bath tea bags are a wonderful way to share your love of herbal bathing with others. 

They are perfect to purchase for gifts to family & friends. I have been selling these bags for the past couple of years and everyone loves them.

I hope you are inspired to take herbal baths and I wish you a good night’s sleep!

-Pammi xx